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25 February 2021 | Redman Wines

Red wine jus

Enjoying red wine is almost a given here in Coonawarra. But there’s plenty of ways to enjoy your red wine, often making it into a jus (something like this sort of sentiment. We explore all you need to know about making jus including providing a delicious recipe.  Continue »

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Redman Wines
15 January 2021 | Redman Wines

Things to do in Penola

From quaint historical cottages to award-winning restaurants, the small town of Penola is the jewel of the Coonawarra. Less than a ten-minute drive from the Redman Cellar Door, here are our insider tips for how to make the most of your trip to the hidden gem of the Limestone Coast.  Continue »

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Redman Wines
11 January 2021 | Redman Wines

Red Wine Cocktails

We love all things red wine, and we’re always up for trying something different. Red wine often isn’t first on the list when you’re thinking about ingredients for cocktails, but it makes a great match to a range of spirits and has been used as a core ingredient for decades. Here are three of the most popular red wine cocktails.  Continue »

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Redman Wines
9 December 2020 | Redman Wines

Exploring Mt Gambier

With awe-inspiring natural wonders and a vibrant city centre, Mt Gambier has it all – and only a 40-minute drive from the Redman Cellar Door. Here we give our top tips for where to eat, stay, and play in this special place on South Australia’s Limestone Coast.  Continue »

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Redman Wines
4 December 2020 | Redman Wines

The Redman Family’s Guide to Coonawarra’s Best Cellar Doors

To many travellers setting out to visit South Australia, Coonawarra is something of a hidden gem as a tourist destination. Although the wines produced in our region are highly acclaimed and well known, fewer people are aware of our beautiful rural setting, and that Coonawarra is only four hours’ drive from Adelaide (and only five hours’ drive from Melbourne). It’s a great place to visit to get a real sense of a close-knit country community, very different from the comparative hustle and bustle of other wine regions situated closer to capital cities.

  Continue »

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Redman Wines
1 December 2020 | Redman Wines

Top 5 Things to Do When Visiting Coonawarra


If you're heading our way over the next few months, we have your itinerary planned. Jump over to our blog about the Top Things to do in Coonawarra - you'll find something for every traveller in these insider tips from the Redman team.

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Redman Wines
20 November 2020 | Redman Wines

A guide to the best places around Coonawarra


Travelling from Melbourne to Adelaide these holidays? Here we find the best things to do in and around Coonawarra

  Continue »

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Redman Wines
18 November 2020 | Redman Wines

Should you chill your Red Wine?


If you’re a red wine lover, summer can pose a bit of a conundrum for enjoying your favourite drops. But did you know that red wine can benefit greatly from a bit of time in the fridge? Read on as Dan Redman explains why you should be chilling your red wines over summer.

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Redman Wines
16 October 2020 | Redman Wines

Orecchiette with Peas, Asparagus and Burrata


Your family and friends will love this simple, spring-inspired pasta recipe. A deliciously light, yet wholesome meal full of green veggies and adorned with dollops of burrata cheese.

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Redman Wines
14 August 2020 | Redman Wines

Beef Bourguignon


A Redman family favourite, Winnie Redman’s beef bourguignon recipe is moreishly good on a cold winter’s night. Enjoy with creamy mashed potato, some green veg and a glass of Redman 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon.

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