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The Redman family's winemaking story begins with 14-year-old William (Bill) Redman, who arrived in Coonawarra from South Australian town, Avenue Range, in 1901. He landed work at John Riddoch’s winery, and remained there until 1908, learning his winemaking craft under the tutelage of respected winemaker Ewen McBain.

Young Bill Redman, circa 1901


In 1908, Bill and his family purchased 16 hectares of vineyards in Coonawarra. He sold the 1908 vintage grapes to the Riddoch winery, to help pay for the block. Bill made his first wine in 1909, in very rudimentary conditions. He sold all the wine in bulk to other wine companies.


Original Redman cellars, circa 1901


In 1937, Owen Redman joined his father Bill in the family winemaking business. They continued to sell their wine to other wineries, however, the reputation of their wines continued to grow and demand for their wine increased.



Rouge Homme Winery, circa 1955


The 1952 vintage saw the Redman family release a small amount of their own wine under the Rouge Homme label. That first wine was a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. The Redmans sold the Rouge Homme winery and label in July 1965. Bill Redman retired while Owen and his wife Edna purchased a 16-hectare block, including six hectares of Shiraz, from Arthur Hoffman, who had been supplying grapes to Rouge Homme.


Redman Winery, circa 1977


Owen and Edna started the Redman Wines label in 1966 with Redman Claret. From 1966 to 1976, their holding gradually increased from 16 to 36 hectares. The only varieties grown were Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. Owen continued to make the wines until 1982 when his sons Bruce, a Roseworthy graduate, and Mal assumed winemaking responsibilities. 



Mal and Bruce Redman (top), Edna and Owen Redman (below), circa 1982


Redman Wines continued to make just two dry reds, Redman Claret (100% Shiraz) and Redman Cabernet Sauvignon, until 1992, when the Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot was introduced in limited quantities. Bruce and Winnie Redman’s son Daniel, the fourth generation of the Redman family to make wine in Coonawarra, joined the family business in 2008, exactly 100 years after his great grandfather made his first wine. Dan's younger brother Michael joined the business in 2015.


Mal, Bruce, Michael and Dan Redman at the winery today


The Redman family continues to grow grapes and make wine in the traditions initiated by Bill Redman 100 years ago, and with the next generation in place, this tradition and family success look certain to continue for years to come.