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The Redman Family

The Redman family continues to grow grapes and make wine in the traditions initiated by Bill Redman more than 100 years ago, and with the next generation in place, this winemaking legacy looks certain to continue for many years to come. 

The Redman family’s winemaking story begins four generations ago, when 14-year-old Bill Redman arrived in Coonawarra by train from Avenue Range, a South Australian town 75km away. Since then, the Redmans have been farming the terra rossa earth as viticulturists and winemakers, crafting premium red wines for the enjoyment of wine lovers all over the globe. Read more about the history of the business and the family here.

Bill Redman’s grandson, Bruce Redman, is now Co-owner/Winemaker at Redman Wines. He joined Redman Wines back in 1982, with his brother Mal, after working abroad. He’s married to Winnie and has two children, Daniel and Michael.

Mal Redman is Bruce’s brother. He’s the Co-owner/General Manager of Redman Wines. Mal is married to Deb Redman and is the owner of our winery dog, Billy.

Dan Redman is Redman Wines’ Winemaker/Marketing Manager. He began at the business in 2008 after working vintages in the Barossa Valley, Nagambie in Victoria, Sonoma in the US and Canada. Dan is married to Meg and has two young children, Jock and Arabella.

Dan’s brother Mike Redman is Assistant Winemaker/Cellar Hand. He made his way back to the family business in 2016 after working as a croupier in Adelaide, a waterski instructor in the US and as a childcare worker in the ski fields of New Zealand.

Vineyard Manager is John Lavia, who began with Redman Wines in 1985. And on Saturdays, the cellar door is managed by Cathy Heyn, who’s been with Redman since 1988. One of the four Redman boys works in cellar door every other day of the week. Mal’s wife Deb and Bruce’s wife Winnie both work during vintage. The entire Redman family are hands-on members in all aspects of the business.

Growing up on a winery

Dan and Mike Redman’s memories of growing up on a winery are colourful, to say the least. Ask them what they remember and they’ll tell you a tale of being coloured red from head to toe after opening a tank valve and the wine knocking them over, running across barrels on stillage two-to-three barrels high and dropping a hydrometer and getting yelled at by Dad when Dan was about five-years-old (he’s never broken a hydrometer again!).

Even when the Redman boys were living away from the Coonawarra winery, they returned home to work vintages and help the family business continue to thrive.

The Redman family and its wines are not driven by ego or fads. The family believes they must forge an enduring legacy built on a passionate and intelligent expression of traditional winemaking. They know they must do more than simply undertake its time-honoured winemaking practices. The family must actively celebrate these practices and tell their amazing stories, igniting the next wave of new red wine drinkers. Here’s to a Redman.

The Redman Family