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15 May 2019 | Wine | Redman Wines

How long does red wine last after opened?

At Redman’s busy cellar door in Coonawarra, we’re constantly asked questions about how wine lovers can improve their experience of wine in their own home – queries like how long to store wine and how do you know when a bottle has reached its peak. Here, we answer a very common question – how long can you keep a bottle of Red(man) once it’s opened?

Dan Redman explains in this short video.


It’s fair to say that when we open a bottle of Redman wine with friends and family, it’s rare that we have any left! But when my wife Meg and I are drinking, we often only feel like enjoying one glass each. 

So the first question to ask is – why does wine spoil? When food and drink are exposed to oxygen, it begins to break down and decay. This is why sealed plastic and cans are used to prolong the life of food and drink. 

One factor that contributes to the decaying of food and drink is light – it can cause rapid acceleration of decaying. Heat is the other cause of food and drink rotting. So one good solution is to keep your bottle in a cool cupboard, away from any source of light. The other good solution, which may be a little surprising, is to store open red wine bottles in the fridge. It may seem odd to store red wine in the cool of the refrigerator but it’s the best place for it! Simply remember to remove the wine 30 minutes or so before serving. 

So, how long will the wine last once open? Generally speaking, the life expectancy for a dry red is three to five days, assuming the closure is applied properly and the wine is kept out of direct light and heat.

Two-five-year-old Redman Reds should last for three days; five to 10-year-old Redman reds will last about two days; and anything older than 10-years-old needs to be drunk the same day. Older wines tend to be less robust and a little more delicate – their tannins have softened into a range of complexities and subtleties that can be hidden in a young bottle.

Whatever the age of your Red(man) wine, enjoy it responsibly and with care, and the experience will be sublime! Cheers. 

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