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19 June 2018 | Wine | Redman Wines

50 Years of Redman Shiraz Tasting Notes


To mark the 50th birthday of Redman Wines last year we went through a 50 year line up of old Redman wines with esteemed wine critic James Halliday. At the time Bruce Redman noted his detailed thoughts on the evolution of our Shiraz wine which we’ve shared in our blog. Enjoy this fascinating journey through time.

1966 – Light orange brown. Savoury with cedar and mushroom notes. Light bodied, and acid which has preserved the flavour. The wine still has life and length with fine tannins

1967 – Light brown. Chocolate aroma. Light body with developed flavour. Lacks freshness and vibrancy.

1968 – Mid orange brown. Earthy, chocolate and savoury aroma. Light with fine grain tannins and still with structure and body. Good length.

1969 – Light red orange brown. Spicy, cedar oak and “cigar-box” aroma. Still has some sweet fruit with vibrant mouth feel, good structure and a nice acid line. Excellent length.

1970 – Light orange brown. Savoury, earthy notes with a hint of spicy oak.  Light to medium body with mushroom savory flavour and sweetness. Long ripe tannin finish.

1971 – Light brown orange. Savoury aroma with hint of oak and spice. Light bodied with good structure and flavour. Very good length.

1972 – Light orange brown. Mushroom savoury aroma. Light body with some tannin and acid.

1973 – Light orange red brown. Mocha, with hints of oak and spice aroma. Light to medium body with fruit sweetness and chalky tannin. Good length.

1974 – Medium brown red. Earthy aroma with some old leather and spice notes.  Medium body, with good structure and some firm round tannins. Good long finish.

1975 - Light brown red. Mocha and earthy aroma. Light body with dusty tannins and elegant fruit. Still has length.

1976 – Medium red brown. Savoury, earthy aroma with hints of spice. Medium body has great balance with sweet fruit and soft subtle tannins. Very long fresh finish.

1977 – Light red brown. Developed aroma, savoury with hints of cedar oak. Medium body with soft round tannins and good flavour. Good balance and length.

1978 – Light brown red. Savoury aroma with fruit hints.  Medium body with soft round tannins and good structure. Long finish.

1979 – Medium brown red. Vibrant earth and spice aroma. Medium bodied with excellent flavour and bigger Tannin structure. The wine is holding beautifully.

1980 – Medium brown red. Savoury and earthy aroma. Medium bodied with some sweet fruit still evident, and good balance. Good long finish.

1981 – Medium brick red. Developed mushroom aromas. Medium bodied with developed flavours.

1982 – Medium brick red. Lifted developed aromas with fruit overtones. Medium bodied with fine tannins and good balance and flavour. Very long plush finish.

1983 – Light brown red. Chocolate earthy aroma. Palate is balanced but is simple. Reasonable length.

1984 – Medium brick red. Savoury aroma with some fruit spice hints. Medium body with succulent fruit flavour and elegant chalky tannins. Good long finish.

1985 – Medium brown red. Chocolate aroma with hints of spice. Light with berry flavour which builds well. Medium finish with spicy hints.

1986 – Medium brick red. Bright red fruits, spice and a touch of earth aroma. Medium bodied with fine tannins and soft fruit. An elegant wine with a long finish.

1987  - Light brown red. Earth and chocolate aroma.  Medium body with firm tannin. Medium finish.

1988 – Medium red brown. Ripe fruit spice and savoury aroma. Medium to full body showing rich sweet fruit and some earthy flavours. Very log flavoursome finish.

1989 – Medium brick red. Savoury aroma with hints of leafiness and oak. Medium bodied with round soft tannins, and a clean finish.

1990 – Medium brick red. Light red spice fruit aroma with hints of vanilla oak.  Medium bodied with excellen structure and flavour. The flavour carries through onto a long finish

1991 – Medium brick red. Rich fruit and a cedar oak aroma. Medium bodied with soft sweet fruit and excellent balance and depth of flavour. Lovely long balanced finish.

1992 – Medium red brown. Spice and floral fruit aroma. Medium body, leaner with fresh spicy fruit and good balance, which carries onto the finish. 

1993 – Medium brick red. Spicy red fruits with cedar oak aroma. Rich vibrant fruit with ripe tannin structure and good length and depth of flavour. Finish is long and clean.

1994 – Medium brick red. Ripe red fruits and vanilla oak aroma. Medium body soft round tannin with good acid balance. An elegant wine with a good finish.

1995 – Medium brick red. Developed earth and chocolate aroma. Medium body showing soft tannins and balanced flavour. Good clean finish.

1996 – Medium brick red. Spicy fruit and vanilla oak aroma. Medium bodied elegant wine, ripe soft fruit flavour with great balance and structure. The finish is long and dry.

1997 – Medium brick red. Savoury aroma with some bright fruit. Light body with soft fruit flavour and round tannin. 

1998 – Medium red with amber tints. Rich spicey ripe red fruit aroma. Beautifully balanced elegant wine with plush tannins and spicy red fruits. The intense flavour carries through the long finish.

1999 – Medium brick red. Savoury dark chocolate aroma. Some spicy fruit in a medium bodied wine with firm Tannins, and a long dry finish.

2000 – Medium brick red. Ripe sweet fruit aroma and cedar oak aroma. Medium body with good fruit flavour and some firm tannins, which through the long finish. 

2001 – Medium brick red. Vibrant red fruits with spice and pepper. Soft round palate with vanilla oak with a long dry finish.

2002 – Brick red. Floral, spicey fruit and cedar oak. Rich and ripe fruit and fresh acidity highlight the palate. Excellent length with fine tannin.

2003 -  Brick red. Spicey concentrated fruit aroma. Big round tannins with concentrated spicey fruit flavour. Long finish with life left.

2004 – Brick red. Red berry and spicey ripe fruit aroma. Firm tannin and rich fruit highlight the palate. There is good length in the finish.

2005 – Crimson. Very ripe fruit with hints of plum and liquorice. Sweet ripe fruit flavours with rich velvet tannin. Tremendous length with plenty of life left.

2006 – Crimson. Spicey plum fruit. Medium bodies with round sweet fruit and fine tannins. Long fruity finish.

2007 – Crimson. Cedar oak and spicey fruit. Palate is concentrated with some firm tannin and good acidity. Long finish with plenty of life.

2008 – Dense red. Ripe, dark berry and cedar oak. Rich, ripe concentrated fruit flavours with rich tannin. Lovely long finish.

2009 – Crimson red. Spice and cedar oak with violet hints. Elegant palate with ripe fruit and fine tannins. Long fruity finish.

2010 – Crimson. Cracked pepper and bright fruit aroma. Medium bodied with spice and cracked pepper on the palate, with great structure and balance on the finish.

2011 – Medium red. Floral, pepper and spice aroma. Light bodied with red fruit flavour and soft tannin. Nice acid finish.

2012 – Dark red. Red fruits, spice and vanilla hints on the nose. Rich round tannins and great depth of flavour and length. Great length and plenty of life.

2013 – Red. The aroma shows bright red fruits and pepper hints. The palate shows rich up front fruit with soft ripe tannins. Well balanced with good length.

2014 – Red with purple tints. Youthful aromas of red fruits, rose petals and some vanilla oak. Well balanced with fresh red fruit and fine well integrated tannin. Young with a long finish.

2015 – Red purple. Bright ripe fruit with spice and pepper. Palate is rich and ripe with mulberry like fruit and very fine tannins. Very youthful concentrated wine with lovely balance and length.

2016 – Red purple. Bright fruit with some plum overtones. The palate while still very youthful is showing good concentration of fruit and vibrant tannins. The concentration and balance suggests another excellent wine.


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